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Common Mistakes Digital Marketers Should Avoid

Today businesses have turned to e-commerce because of its ease of use and reduced operational costs, use of the internet also allows businesses to reach the massive number of internet users, the downside of this is that competitions go up because small and big business have equal access to the online market. To acquire meaningful online marketing share e-commerce businesses are engaging in a variety of online marketing strategies such as SEO, social media ads, blogs and among others, but a poor choice of online marketing strategy can lead to poor return on investments (ROI). There are series of digital mistakes e-commerce can do which are avoidable but when they occur they will hurt your ROI significantly consequently stalling digital marketing campaigns. In this article we have outlined some of these preventable online marketing mistakes so continue reading.

Failure to set a clear purpose for the digital marketing campaign is among the main online digital marketing mistakes several of e-commerce are committing, this contributes to running of unfocused digital campaigns without a specific target audience in mind, this lead to waste of time and energy with poor ROI, it is therefore important to have clear, specific and time-bound goals for your online marketing campaigns, with goals in place the marketing team can develop a tailored online marketing campaign that is aimed at a particular target audience, it is also easy to identify what is or not working in your digital marketing campaigns when you have set goals, this helps the digital marketing team to maintain a rigorous online marketing campaign.

Ignoring the power of search engine optimization is the other digital marketing mistake even experienced online marketers are making, although other platforms such as social media have massive followings and easy to use there are still millions of internet users who use a search engine to look for products or services you provide, therefore, optimize your business website especially with local SEO that will give you a good landing in your local market, the benefits of quality SEO is that when potential customer looking for products you sell on search engine your business website will be among the top of the search engine results, therefore, SEO increases your business visibility.

A lot of online marketers have faced a slow growth of their social media followers resulting in poor ROI, this is mainly due to their failure to engage their followers and lack of constant posting or updating their social media, as a result, the online followers lose interest with the marketer which make it difficult to sell anything to them, therefore, constantly engage your social media follower by responding to their questions, complain, posting frequently, asking them for recommendations or anything else that increases human interaction this promote loyalty and trust features that you need to influence your followers’ opinions, views, and perception of the products you are selling. Those are some common online marketing mistakes e-commerce should avoid in future.

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