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How Return Tags Can Help Prevent Return Frauds

As you run a business, always understand that from time to time, you can be a victim of various forms of return fraud. If you don’t want your business to be a joke, then you have to know how you can prevent this kind of fraud from happening. From the different kinds of return fraud that most business establishments experience, wardrobing seems to be very common. While this type of fraud scheme is very common, a lot of merchants are still not familiar about the term. However, these same merchants have already been victimized by wardrobing even if they don’t know what it is all about. If you want to keep your business safe from wardrobing, then you have to understand what this fraud scheme entails and the things that you can do to effectively prevent it.

When it comes to wardrobing, it is vital that you understand that it is a name provided to a fraud scheme that happens to apparel boutiques. The scheme often starts when a customer buys expensive apparel from the boutique such as a prom dress or an evening gown. They wear this dress for their event and then return it the next day to the store and get their full refund. The scheme has affected a lot of businesses that it looks believable. When you don’t have any stringent return policy for your store, you may end up becoming a rental agency and not making profits. While returns are very common for any business, if every customer will return your items, then your business will not last a long time. Now, what are the ways for you to save yourself from return frauds?

One of the most effective ways to prevent wardrobing is to use quality return tags. You can find a lot of return tags for sale that effectively help with return fraud prevention. While you can choose from different products to avoid this scheme from happening to your business, you have to go with a brand that has been proven and tested to work such as the 360 ID tag. While using these return tags help to prevent wardrobing in your store, it is not the only solution.

When it comes to practicing effective return fraud prevention, you have to start looking into your return policy and update it as much as applicable. For your return policy to be visible, consider setting up a signage for it in your store, printing it on your receipts, and speaking about it to your customers. These three methods are something that you should consider doing for a more effective approach. It is important that your return policy is clear that you only accept returned items if they still have their return tags. Furthermore, you have to state in your policy that there must not be any evidence of tampering on the tag and the product.

In using return tags, you have to see to it that you apply them properly on your items as instructed.

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