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Things to Know about Irrigation And Drainage in Trees

When you are cultivating plants and trees, adequate water and good drainage are very significant. Proper growth and drainage will ensure the remarkable growth and development of trees. When there is less water supply, oxygen is deficient in the soil. This will end up suffocating the roots. It will also increase the respiration rate.
On the other hand, if there is no proper drainage, there will be flooding. The photosynthesis process will stop, the process of transpiration will slow down as some of the micro-organisms are lost. This will cause root loss after several days. The symptoms of lack of water in a tree are the same as those generated when there is flooding. Some of these symptoms will include wilting and reduced growth. The twig and the step will also tend to die back.

The rate at which the trees are growing has reduced due to water deprivation that happens for a long time. You will experience this with the trees that are found in the parking lot as well as at home. Trees are also drying up due to increased heat that increases the tree’s demand for water. When there is more heat, the tree will tend to use the energy quickly and be weak. If the condition remains constant for some time, the tree will decline and eventually die.

Flooding is not the only occurrence that can result in the saturation of the trees. It can also be attributed to the application of too much water through irrigation. Before you carry out any irrigation, ensure that you have researched enough on the amount of water that a particular plant or tree will require. Trees that have endured too much saturation will be prone to toppling caused by root loss and overly wet soil. The roots will eventually rot due to reduced oxygen.

There are various things that you should be aware of before you decide to do irrigation. Trees vary by species as well as age. Here are also environmental factors that may affect the same. They may include temperature, humidity, wind, and light. Plants or trees of any species that has been transplanted will require frequent irrigation, especially within the root ball. However, the same cannot be done to mature trees because it can cause problems. Shallow irrigation encourages the surface rooting of a tree which may lead to drying out. Therefore, when you are infrequently watering, ensure that it is a deep soaking to boost the growth of the deeper roots that will be the product and more tolerant in the event of drought.

When you are doing the irrigation, the best time to do it is in the morning and late at night. However, the best time if the morning. There are different type of irrigation that includes sprinkler irrigation and drip line irrigation among others. when using the sprinkler irrigation, make sure that you use mulching to prevent the water from dispersing the soil aggregates hence preventing erosion.

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